These days, having a good time can be quite difficult, especially with the laws in place that justly restrict drinking and driving. Rather than try to work your way around the legalities by going through the difficult process of finding a designated driver or figuring out cab services in a busy city, one smart alternative is to choose a party bus in Chicago. These modes of transportation are the best way to celebrate for a number of reasons. Below is an overview of the benefits of choosing a party busy for your next great city experience.

Great for Any Occasion

One of the main reasons to choose a party bus for your venture through Chicago is that it is the perfect opportunity for any occasion. You can make that one year anniversary special by decorating a party bus with romantic decorations and taking your loved one to some of the most romantic spots in the city. If the occasion is a bachelor or bachelorette party, the bus can be decorated and adorned for the event and it can easily take you to some of the hottest party spots around. All in all, this can be done without the hassle of avoiding drinking and having a good time.

The Driver Knows the City


Choosing where to stop throughout the night can be terribly difficult, especially in Chicago where there are hundreds of great spots to see and places to be. With a party bus though, you don’t need to struggle to figure out where to go next. Party bus drivers have experience driving around dozens of clients, which means that they are familiar with some of the best places in the city for your event. If you already know where to go, you can also inform the driver so they can decide upon the best route. You’ll get to where you need to be on time and without a problem.


Finally, another reason that party buses are the best way to get through Chicago is that party buses are generally available when you need them. You don’t need to worry about wasting your time trying to flag down cabs and so forth. Your party bus will be conveniently waiting for you when you need it.

If you’re planning your next big event in the city, then a party bus is your ideal choice. It’s great for any occasion, the driver is familiar with the city, and the buses are usually available when you need them.


A limo bus is not used just as a method of transportation rather it is a luxurious platform, which can be proved to be entertaining itself. Though there are multiple options available for limo buses, you must consider the occasion first before hiring the bus. Depending upon your needs you should choose one which perfectly suits your desire.

Different types of stretched limousines:

Super Stretch limousines are used as the party buses; these stretched cars come in various models, such as Bentleys and Towncars and in SUV’s like Hummers, Excursions, Escalades and many more. These cars have large space to accommodate 14 to 20 people comfortably. These limo uses are perfect for small gatherings. Some of the models even have a fifth door for providing an easier exit and entrance for the passengers. These buses are stuffed with different amenities like bars, televisions, exotic lighting and even disco sound system.

Now, let’s talk about the limo party buses; these party buses are perfect for big gatherings. The popularity of the buses is rising day by day. These buses are the giant versions of limousines. These buses are undoubtedly perfect for partying throughout a journey. You may be amazed to know that few of them are even incorporated with dance poles, including the exotic that will create an environment of a miniature party.


Hiring Limo buses for throwing a on the go bachelor party or an after-prom party is in vogue now. Who wants to spare a scope of showing off his elegancy and creativity? These buses will provide you a reason to party.

Let’s take a quick look over the stretched limos:

This limo is incorporated with Chevrolet engine of 6.5liter manufactured by GM. The rugged exterior is like a shell of a nut, which is safeguarding the out-of-the-world interior décor. The completely tinted windows will conceal you and your party from the sight of the world. The consumer can bask with comfort with lavishing leather seats, flat TV and great music system.

Escalades are incorporated with all the specialty of GM and you will not feel tired while admiring its features. It is designed to be suitable for every occasion and the journey will be a precious treasure which will be always cherished.

The excursion stretched limos are manufactured to provide plenty of space to the passengers and come with features like bumper roll-bar.

In order to treat every guest in a special manner, you can hire a limo party bus which can accommodate near about 44 passengers at a time. By hiring a limo service you can pick up the guests from their places in order to bring them together at your wedding venue. By providing them a ride in the most exquisite car in the world you can leave a lasting impression upon their mind and the memory of the grand luxurious party and event will be etched into their minds. When they will recount their experiences which they have attained from several wedding ceremonies undoubtedly your wedding ceremony will stay out of the ordinary line.


The new Hummer H2 limousine is one of the best creations in the market launched by General motors. It is an SUV which has gained a lot of popularity among the masses. It is a better and reformed version of its preceding model Hummer H1. If you want a ride in the Hummer H2 then there are two ways you can go about it- you can either purchase it or you can take it on rent. For many people the second option is much more viable and affordable than the first one. You can take a spin in the vehicle whenever you want if you book it in advance.

Specifications of Hummer H2-

Before buying H2 Hummer limos or taking it on rent there are a few things which you should be aware of. All of these points will help you to decide whether it is a best choice for you or not. A few important points are listed below-

  • Seating space- The vehicle can seat up to 16 passengers very comfortably and if you hire a stretch limo then it can accommodate up to 24 passengers. This is big enough for you to hold a small party of yours without any hassle.
  • Windows- The windows of the limo have the option of tinting, so if you want you can get them tinted and enjoy a little privacy of yours.
  • Lighting- The lighting system is adequate for the travel. They have different modes of lighting like fiber optic LED lighting or changing star lights or neon party effects as per your wish. They are suitable to fit into a dim candle light dinner as well as into a nicely lit multicolor party theme.
  • Sound system- Hummer H2 offers a surround sound system which can accommodate a CD, DVD or FM, AM and a variety of other options as per your choice.
  • Ceiling- If you want you can make your limo a little different from other limos on the road then you can do so by adding a sunroof or creating a mirrored ceiling to enjoy your ride.
  • Extra facilities-There are many extra facilities which are available in Hummer H2. You can make use of the small bar, LCD flat screen TV, mirrored divider, digital touch pane lighting, intercom, controlled heat and air cooling system, etc.
  • Engine power- The engine power of the Hummer varies according to the year of production. The latest engine power which is supported by the limousine is 393 hp at 5700 rpm. It has an engine of 6200 6.2 L V8.

Why chose Hummer H2?

The H2 is overall a compact vehicle which may suit any of your needs. They have long left behind the myth that limos are only for the rich and powerful. Now anyone can afford to either buy or rent a limo for a service. H2 Hummer limos is the most ideal choice among the other models in the market because of the facilities it offers. It is a light duty truck which is used by everyone ranging from the government or by outside party hosts because of its specialized automobile class.


Wedding is undoubtedly the most unforgettable as well as the most celebrated occasion in anyone’s life. Wedding is that sacred union between couple of hearts, two different souls, which is tied in an unbreakable knot for the entire life time. This grand occasion needs a grand celebration undoubtedly, but what about the pre- marital celebration? There are numerous people around who love to do unlimited fun and celebrate each moment of any life time occasion just to the fullest. For such people, an occasion is just a mere excuse to rejoice unconditionally. If you are such a jovial person and most importantly, if you are going to tie knot within a couple of months, then you should spend each moment of your bachelorhood the way, which will make you to laugh even when you will recall these moments at any point of time in the sooner future. But to make your bachelorette party event the most memorable, you must choose the party venue with care. There are great Chicago bachelorette party venues which you can explore and try.

Try great Hotels in Chicago

There are great hotels in Chicago, which act as awesome party venues. With great discotheques, lighting and ambience, spacious dancing floors and music system, you will get lovely hotels through the city. Some are within the budget, and some are quite high class, and meant for high budget premiere parties. The Hilton Chicago O’Hare hotel near the Airport is one such venue. In the downtown, Hampton Inn Suites is yet another place for great fun. There are many such hotels and clubs across the city, which promises a rejuvenating night life, and great fun.


A bachelorette party has to be special and filled with fun and adrenaline. Dance bars and clubs are hence the best places for such parties. But you can also try a limo party or a Chicago bachelorette party in a party bus.

Why limo is a good option?lim

In this modern era, the definition of celebration has changed as well as modernized to the fullest. Being an integral part of this modern society, it’s your utmost need to bring the touch of modernity at every nook of your living. The limo party is just that sort of modernized ambience of celebration that has literally revolted against all the conventional ways of celebrations. The most important attraction about limousines is one can get an entire miniature party atmosphere inside the broad span of limousine cars. From the pub to high volume music, from the soft couches to the poles to groove around, from the sophistication to privacy- you will get all these facilities within the luxurious ambience of limousine. This is sure that such kind of enchanting atmosphere is just the apt for any wedding prom or to celebrate the bachelor night out.

To conclude

New ideas are always anticipated to embrace the revolutionary zeal of the commoners to enjoy their life style a bit unconditionally. The inception of limo culture is just one of them, which not only works as the perfect outlet for human catharsis, but also puts light on the new age direction for fun and rejoice.


Apart from the music, one of the main elements that add tons of excitement to any party is the laser light show. Without any doubt, laser lights are one of the most revolutionary technologies used in the present time. These lights are not only used for industrial purposes, medical purposes, and military reasons, but for entertainment as well. Use of laser light shows in disco or pubs and in various events is turning out to be quite common these days. No wonder, the effects that the laser lights add to any event is simply amazing. So, are you looking to make your upcoming events more happening by using laser lights? If yes then the first thing you need to know about is the power used or consumed by the laser light equipment. Through this article, we will provide you some really informational stuff

The Power Requirements


Before you think about organizing an event that incorporates laser lights, it is crucial to know about the amount of power that the laser lights need. As a matter of fact, milliwatts and watts are the measuring units for assessing the power of any laser beam. In any dark room of an average size (say like the size of any hotel ballroom), you would have to supply at least 500 milliwatts, and sometimes it can go up to 1 watt, depending on the darkness of the room. On the other hand, if you wish to take the show outside then for the same you can expect the consumption up to 20 watts. For larger arenas, the consumption may go up to 100 watts. So, with the advancement in the field of laser light technology, the power requirement has drastically come down. Otherwise, before 2000, the laser light equipment used to consume at least 200 watts, with constant power supply of 220 volts to 440 volts. In addition, since heavy gases like krypton and argon were used for the laser shows purposes, therefore a lot of water was also needed at that time, in order to cool down the equipment.

In the present time, the laser light equipment involves the solid-state technology, which are- YAG and DPSS. They are being widely used in events, mainly due to the convenience factor. The form factor as well as the method to operate the new laser light equipment has made it easy for anyone to carry and use easily. Moreover, the voltage requirement and power consumption is also low, which means that you can plug in the equipment to normal wall outlet, just like you do with the conventional electrical instrument, and do not have to end up paying huge electricity bills at the end of the event. In order to keep the equipment cool, you can use simple fans.

So, those were some of the vital information that you should know if you want to organize your own laser light show. In addition, you should also take care of the instrument and always keep it cool when operating.